7Churches Is Back With New Single, Hood Cry (Featuring Canibus)

https://soundcloud.com/7churches/hood-cry-featuring-canibus-2 7Churches has dropped a brand new single titled "Hood Cry" (Featuring Canibus). We have featured 7Church previously on their track, "Losing My Mind." We are excited to have the group featured...

Guava-Moon has dropped a brand new single title “Guarana .”

https://soundcloud.com/guava-moon/guarana Guava-Moon has dropped a brand new single titled "Guarana." The single is a follow-up to the previously released track, Soul Reaver(screwed). Guava-Moon is known for his creativity in his music and provides his mind in...

ElaYoshi Delivers A Grimace Sound titled, “Say Something”

https://soundcloud.com/user-839617158/ela-yoshi-say-something-mix2 ElaYoshi has dropped a brand new single titled "Say Something." The recent drop is a signature sound by the aggressive hitter out of Brooklyn. The track is a debut single on his SoundCloud...

Young Yuck Drops New Heavy Flow Track, “Get What I Want.”

https://soundcloud.com/ucknut27/get-what-i-want Young Yuck has dropped a brand new single titled "Get What I Want." The new single by the Deerfield-based artist is a follow-up to the previous album release, "BIRCHWOOD BOYS 2: HYPERSPACE." The new drop "Get What I...

Cush Wallace Drops A Loaded Track Titled “Ammo”

https://open.spotify.com/track/2ChBkUeTMy9EVBIneNrcca?si=0dc8fa961156420d Cush Wallace has dropped a brand new single titled "Ammo." The second track from his 4-track EP titled "Drico II: The Rise of Federico down by Pico." Cush Wallace is based in Central LA and has...

YTB Kaine dropped his first-in-line single for an upcoming album. We have confirmed the album title “Unapologetic,” and the album will be a collaboration. “The Bombs Over Baghdad” has dropped a few months ago and features artists Duke and Law.

The single “The Bombs Over Baghdad” feels like a slow burn and builds exceptionally well. The track commences with a heavy mid-piano-synth and hits home hard with a toy-mallet synth melody, a heavy kit, 808, and emotional vocals that come in at all once. 

The single captures the ear by break breaks and the realism lyrics. The metaphor “Bombs Over Baghdad” has heartfelt meaning to YTB Kaine, as he has lost a lot in his life in the last few months:

“Unapologetic” is exactly what it says: ‘I’m not sorry.’ I’ve lost a lot in the past year – family, friends, the money I got a lot to get off my chest

YTB Kaine

The collaboration on the single with YTB Kaine, Duke, and Law feel suitable as the transitions throughout the single work well as each artist gives us their piece. It feels as if they play off each other, which creates a good collaboration. 

The artwork full of fire fury and matches the single well. A city lit on fire as a massive cloud of smoke takes over the air. The artwork collaborates with the single “The Bombs Over Baghdad” well – a visual metaphor that ties it together. 

Life can be highly confusing sometimes with massive changes in one’s life. As YTB Kaine has confirmed, he has been through a lot in the past year, and not only do the emotions and lyrical content provide, the artwork certainly takes it home, and I salute the artists for really laying down a well-composed single and brand.

YTB Kaine is from Pontiac, Michigan, and is no stranger to the rap industry. At the age of 13 and with his best friend and cousin, he would freestyle into a recorder, having fun as he learned the craft.  

The fun turned into a passion and talent, which lead YTB Kaine into a group named: Yaktownboyz. (Yaktown was a nickname for the city they had grown up in, Pontiac.

YTB Kaine has undoubtedly gained a lot of success over the years, performing alongside Yung LA, Rakim, E40, Fat Joe, Mike Jones, Freeway, and more. 

He holds a lot of emotion in his music; he writes from the heart and experiences as he strives to help himself and others as a composer. 

We look forward to more singles being released from the upcoming album, “Unapologetic.”


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