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v!n$ynT Drops Another Masterpiece Album, Season 2, titled”V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0 v!n$ynT has dropped the second installment of a trilogy of projects, an eleven-track EP, and follow up to his previous cultural outbreak project, "SOCIAL VANDALISM." The second installment...

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v!n$ynT has dropped the second installment of a trilogy of projects, an eleven-track EP, and follow up to his previous cultural outbreak project, “SOCIAL VANDALISM.”

The second installment of the trilogy titled “V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0” is considered Season 2 and outlined by each episode as a song on the EP. The first track up, titled “Different Levels, Different Devils” commences, and the song has social psychology feeling with the intro and lyrical content. With a female singing in the background and a piano melody, overall, there is a lot of emotion provided by the production.

Up next, “The Sad Magician,” one of my favorite lyrically written song on the album. The song feels motivational, yet facts, when you think on the top and people around you are putting you down. v!n$ynT does an exceptional on the hook, and you can’t seem to get that melody and lyrics out of your head. I salute v!n$ynT to capture the listener with the track “The Sad Magician.”

The album “V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0” takes a turn in sound from a Golden Hip Hop feeling to an Emo Hip Hop vibe. To me, the fourth song (episode 4), “Breakdowns & Breakthroughs,” hits home to depression and feels like a tribute to artists like Lil Peep and Mac Miller. The song is sonically well done and arranged well.

v!n$ynT does an exceptional job on “V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0” keeping things fresh with an example song “Breakup Routine,” providing more of a modern R&B feeling. The song structure and build of the track feel right and really work well with the album’s change-up.

Lyrical, one of my favorite tracks on the album is Episode 2 -LOL, Sad face., paired with a simplified and unique beat, the song stands out for me.

The final episode song name, “Can’t Knock The Ambition.” Not only a great song name, but the track also motivates. The hook performer of the song provides differential and works well with v!n$ynT vocals.

Overall, “V for v!n$ynT: S3ASON 2W0” has a lot of offers in aspects such as uniqueness, lyrics, emotion, realism, great vocal takes, and of course, sonically hits home. We are happy to celebrate this piece of art and be on the lookout for the next season!

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