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B. ROD’s Latest Single & News On Upcoming Album

B.Rod has dropped a track titled "No Politics," which is his newest release to date. A rumor was set that the artist took a hiatus from music. But an official word pressed out that an album is in the works. The single "No Politics" gives us a taste of B.rod signature...

With the start of a new voicemail, on 14-track album, Social Vandalism, Washington D.C. artist v!n$ynT speaks his mind about the recent events of Covid-19, which somehow sparked more racism than pre-Covid-19, and he makes it clear “This is not Rage.”

When you think the album is a concept album directly towards the pandemic, v!n$ynT states a lot of the songs were created before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

As he affirmed, this is not a violent movement; only the other side (white people) feels it’s a violent movement.

“This is a revolution.”

As v!n$ynT puts it right, once white people realize this, the Country (The United States Of America) will be in a better place as I agree – I feel people are assets to countries regardless of color or culture.

The first track up on the album is titled “Prolific Thoughts,” which gets into the social media and propaganda we are fed. Social Media is the most influential news outlet in the world, and everyone is a news anchor. The negativity and the spread of false news are massive, yet v!n$ynT repeats, negativity can be countered.

“Reprogram your beliefs is how you can free your mind.”

The album flows with tracks “Product Of Agenda,” and “Red Pillz,”
which themes on corruption, poverty, pushed prescription pills, mental health issues, loss, and summing up the cynical world we live in today.

The hook in “Red Pillz,” is well written and performed, easily rememberable, and one of my favorite songs on the 14-track album Social Vandalism.

Another voice message is provided on the album, “VM2.” The voice feels confident yet broken at the same time. In an off headspace, yet will put it on paper, or as said, ‘paint a picture” of the times we are in …

The next track up is titled “Contradictions Part 2” and themes on politics that fall on both sides of what they say or believe in—the lies from the top trickle down in sort of sense.

Next on the 14-Track album Social Vandalism is “Swole’d Up,” which evolves on the motivation of money, yet not the designer effect that can come with it. The track has an elegant melody that collabs well with v!n$ynT’s vocal flow.

The album continues with track “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” and another voice mail, “VM3.” The voice in the recording expresses the worry of his kids’ new world, playing or entering the world without having fatal issues from the police.

With the conclusion of the voicemail “VM3”, up next is “Too Much,” as well as “Untold Stories Part 2.” The song “Untold Stories Part 2,” has a funky feeling, which provides differential in the album. The song’s theme is a story about an incident that occurred in a dispute where firearms were involved and police. Overall the track “Untold Stories Part 2” is about how the hood swallows people and essentially spits them out.

v!n$ynT moves forward on the album Social Vandalism with the track “June 19 (freestyle).” The song touches base on the ones we have lost and the effects that we feel that comes with it.

The second last track, “Elevate 2 Levitate,” commences with a church spell. The track progresses very softly to an all in the heavy sound. The epic Covid-19 mentioned from v!n$ynT is epic. With moving into a famous comedian sample, towards drop vocals, and another change in vibes, the track feels like a masterpiece.

The outro “Signs Of Times,” is a phone interview, and for this piece, I encourage you to listen to get the real vibe on the end of the 14-track album “Social Vandalism” by Washington artist, v!n$ynT.

The last sentence from the women speaker is essential.

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