THE KC KOOL Drops New All-Out Single, “King” THE KC KOOL has dropped a brand new single titled "King." The new single is a follow-up to the previously released track, 567 (Prod.Cxdy). Before the intro hook, the new single "King" commences with a big 808 and haunting FX....

JxckWolf Drops new single, titled “Wetty” Feat. Honey B Sweet

Untamed305 Drops New Summer Single, “Skater Girl” Untamed305 has dropped a brand new single titled "Skater Girl." The new single is a follow-up to a previously released production, "DaBaby - Red Light Green Light." The new single "Skater Girl" is an all-out summer...

“Sidewinder” Drops a Heavy Sound and Meaningful track, TIC BACK TIME Bomb  Sidewinder has dropped a brand new single titled "TIC BACK TIME Bomb." The single has an Industrial Hip Hop & Rap sound and is SoundCloud Exclusive.  The single "TIC BACK TIME Bomb" is not only...

MAI TY and BIGBABYGUCCI Drops High Vibe Single, “Options”

MAI TY and BIGBABYGUCCI have dropped a brand new single titled "Options." The new single was released 9-days ago and has a high vibe feeling.  With the track sounding like it is being played in a club, the new intro commences—a unique way to start the single, as the...

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