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The Dark Mic has teamed up with artist A-F-R-O to bring back the feeling and realism of Hip Hop. The new single titled “The Takeback” was released one month ago.

The single collaborates well with both artists, going back and forth on bars and transitions well. The song “The Takeback” is also the first release from the upcoming full-length album, “Love and Other Drugs.”

The intro provides us the track theme as the main artist; The Dark Mic gives us his piece of how he lost his love, a metaphor for Hip Hop. I can’t help to agree; the evolution of Hip Hop has lost its way when it comes to lyrical content and sound in rap songs.

The Dark Mic states the following on the single, “The Takeback:”

“I came up with the idea after the opportunity to work with A-F-R-O presented itself. I wrote a hook that I thought would fit both of our styles well, then asked him to drop a 16-bar verse just boasting about battling whack emcees, action-movie style.”

The Dark Mic fully procued the single and A-F-R-O did not step into the same room or even State to complete the song which I salute the collaboration process.

The hook of the track, performed by both artists, pieces the song together and gives us that brainworm feeling.

The Dark Mic has confirmed his full-length album, and we are waiting patiently for the release date, but we have confirmed another single is set to release in the upcoming weeks.


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