FMF Gamo Drops A New Single With Visuals Titled “We Up” FMF Gamo dropped a brand new single with visuals titled "We Up." The single and visuals were also dropped along with another single "Elevator Freestyle," found on Spotify and other streaming platforms....

Jason Chaos Brings Us A Creative Single Titled “Concrete Shakin” Feat. Grandmaster Melle Mel Jason Chaos has dropped a new single titled "Concrete Shakin," featuring. Grandmaster Melle Mel. The single gives us a bond of Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, and injects of mainstream...

Carl Mosley Drops Debut Single “Independence Day” Carl Mosley has dropped a debut single on SoundCloud titled "Independence Day." The single has a smooth ride feeling and transitions nicely through the arrangement.  "Independence Day" has two other performers...

Philly Blocks Hits Us With New Single & Visuals “CEO” The Crown Prince of the Ville, Philly Blocks, is back again with a brand new banger visual titled "CEO." The new visual is rustic and real, which we feel is what the Philly Blocks pushes for. Coming from Louisville,...

B. ROD’s Latest Single & News On Upcoming Album

B.Rod has dropped a track titled "No Politics," which is his newest release to date. A rumor was set that the artist took a hiatus from music. But an official word pressed out that an album is in the works. The single "No Politics" gives us a taste of B.rod signature...

Sirreal X GA X Phantom has dropped a track titled “Ballin” on Sirreal SoundCloud account. The artists have a unique, hard sound that continues on this release.

“Ballin” starts with two 808 hits, an explosion, and a synth along with Ad-libs. The artists hit us with the hook, which feels like a brain worm. The lyrical repeat of “I Stay Ballin NBA” with the vocal flow makes it easy to remember and easy to shout out with the gang.

The track continues with the verse; one of many aspects I enjoy about the record, “Ballin,” is how Sirreal X GA X Phantom is involved fluidly throughout the track, with either the main vocals, Ad-libs, or vocal doubles.

The track’s theme, a cross between a metaphor and comparison to “Balling NBA” feels confident like feel-good. However, the minor vibes coming from the trap sound of the beat along with the gang vocals – It feels dark, which a salute the artists create. It can rare these days to capture that sound.

The pre-lude, with adding some slight auto-tune to the vocals, creates a differential in the song. It works well, moving back into the hook to end the song.


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