na$kar Drops Heavy Cloud-Like Single, Calling Out the Haters, Titled “u.a.g.**” na$kar has dropped a new single titled "u.a.g.**." The new single has a unique sound...

Malachi Grant Drops New Motivational Song, “Up” Malachi Grant has dropped a brand new single titled "Up" and is a follow-up to the previously released single, "Ridin For" (Fresh Mix). The new single is a high vibed and well-produced track that is easily placed on...

BLAKE MELVIN Drops Entertaining and Talented Single, “DROP TOP” Blake Melvin has dropped a brand new single titled "Drop Top." The new single is a follow-up to the previously released track, "CYTHINA." The new single "Drop Top" has a heavy and fluid vibe that...

Benzo Has A Request In New Single, “Just Stop” Benzo has dropped a brand new single titled "Just Stop." The new single is a follow-up to his debut...

Ducati James Questions Blacc Zacc’s Sexual Preference In New Single & Visuals, “Blacc Zacc Is A Faggot (Hopefully).” Chakhead Clique Mu$ic Group with artist Ducati James have dropped a brand new single with a music video titled, "Blacc Zacc Is A Faggot (Hopefully)." The recent drop by the South Carolina rapper shares his thoughts on fellow...

Samjlowkey has dropped a new single titled “Lowkey Like Me.” The new single has been released on the producers, SO IAM, SoundCloud account and is the debut single of Samjlowkey.

The new single, “Lowkey Like Me,’ commences with a minimalistic drum kit, a unique fx, and a huge 808. The intro continues and transitions to the verse, in which Samjlowkey does an exceptional job on the bars. Samjlowkey is full of confidence and works the arrangement of the track.

SO IAM produced the single, “Lowkey Like Me,’ and the production has a unique sound with the to-semi tone note changes and the add-ins of instruments, and the collaboration with the artist, Samjlowkey.

The artist Samjlowkey is an up-and-coming music artist and professional model. She writes from her heart with true experiences, from being a mother to the experiences in the dark traps of Dallas and Pheonix, no room for light-hearted.

We look forward to future releases from Samjlowkey as well as the producer, SO IAM.

Photo Credit: Javin Romero


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