SnapDibz Drops Emotional Single Titled, “Rivals” Featuring Rey Khan

Loisten on SoundCloud | Listen on YouTube SnapDibz has dropped a brand new single titled "Rivals." featuring Rey Khan. The new single is a follow-up to the previously released...

Dragg Drops motivational and Confident Song tilted, “The Mantra” Dragg has dropped a brand new single titled "The Mantra.". It is DRAGG's 2nd release in 2021, since the full out Acoustic vibe rendition of "Dear Mama" On March13, 2021. Released with Loud Noise Entertainment/DM Records,...

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Etap Drops New Single On A Relationship Titled, “Material Vs Love” Etap has dropped a brand new single titled "Material Vs Love." The new single is a follow-up to the previous track, "My Passion." The single is unprecedented, as Etap has a unique vocal flow and knows how to...

NatStar Lives Up To anticipation and expectations on new album, The Code Don't use Spotify, Click HERE to your the platform of choice. Today we are featuring a highly anticipated album by international commercial artist NatStar. The talented artist is one big...

OG Omyth has dropped a new LP titled “Certification Of Perseverance,” providing seven tracks that come straight from the Bronx with well-rounded features. OG OMyth is a veteran in the Hip Hop Industry, an Emcee from the ’90s that continues to grow and show what he is all about to the industry.

“Certification Of Perseverance” has a lot of confidence and provides the music consumer with positivity, making goals to achieve and staying on the right path of perseverance. Produced by MSB, we are excited to dive and highlight some of my favorite tracks.

“Certification Of Perseverance” commences with a powerful song titled “Manifestor,” featuring artists K. Most and Biggie Kook. The single themes on value, not material value, what we can achieve by essential to ourselves – make goals and excel in whatever you do best. The single has exceptional transitions as OG Omyth, K. Most, and Biggie Kook go back and forward, and the production with the features collab well.

The album continues with an emotional song titled “Nobody Wins” as Army Blaque is featured on the hook and sounding excellent. OG Omyth is on the bars as the wordplay he uses along with imagery is impeccable. The two work well together on this number. OG Omyth gives us some insight into his personality and where he has been in life.

“Certification Of Perseverance” continues with tracks “God Is’nt Finished” Featuring Shawn Kaine and “West V Open” Featuring Johnny Alkada. Both Tracks have darker lyrical themes, and “West V Open” has a faster tempo, bringing good differential for the album.

The next single up, which I will highlight on the album, is “NY Times.” The song features K. Most as well as Skunk. Speaking the truth, the single feels like a well-capitalized track, as OG Omyt shines up from his past, his present, and talks about his future. A big theme on the album, “Certification Of Perseverance.”

OG Omyth continues with the song “Move In Silence” with Army Blaque. Take a blast in OG Omyth past from the streets selling drugs and getting into gang-related activities. The single themes on staying under the radar, no snitching, and being raised by the streets. OG Omyth has made many positive changes in his life and manifested them along with hard work to get where he is today.

The final song on the album, “Certification Of Perseverance,” is titled “Get A Mention.” The song contains features from Ricky Bats and K Most. The song has high vibes and joints. Starting from the trench and working to the top, the song “Get A Mention” brings us to the album’s end yet provides us with new beginnings for a better life.

Pound for pound, the album “Certification Of Perseverance” by OG Omyth captures us well for any Hip Hop fan to enjoy. Providing us real talks and walks of life and mind of Bronx Emcee, OG Omyth.


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