7Churches Drops A Real Vibed-Out Single, Losin’ My Mind”

https://soundcloud.com/7churches/losin-my-mind-radio-edit 7Churches has dropped a brand new single titled "Losin' My Mind." The drop is the second track released by 7Churches on his SoundCloud. The song is a follow-up to the release "Pandemic Mixtape...

KiingWavvyy Drops An Emotional Ride Of A Single, Titled, Grind 4 Shine

https://soundcloud.com/kiingwavvyy/grind-4-shine-prod-samproducedit 𝙆𝙞𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙒𝙖𝙫𝙫𝙮𝙮 has dropped a brand new single titled "Grind 4 Shine." The new single is a follow-up to single. Making Moves (prod. Waytoolost). The new single "Grind 4 Shine" commences with an...

SnapDibz Drops Emotional Single Titled, “Rivals” Featuring Rey Khan

Loisten on SoundCloud | Listen on YouTube https://open.spotify.com/track/4wFkxKpY2ffr9w2RxAtOQ4?si=qS-nq4XOTCmFwC_F_We9lQ&nd=1 SnapDibz has dropped a brand new single titled "Rivals." featuring Rey Khan. The new single is a follow-up to the previously released...

Dragg Drops motivational and Confident Song tilted, “The Mantra”

https://soundcloud.com/draggofficial/the-mantra Dragg has dropped a brand new single titled "The Mantra.". It is DRAGG's 2nd release in 2021, since the full out Acoustic vibe rendition of "Dear Mama" On March13, 2021. Released with Loud Noise Entertainment/DM Records,...

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Today we are featuring a highly anticipated album by international commercial artist NatStar. The talented artist is one big package, a songwriter, producer, medium, musician, and performer. 

The brand new album, titled The Code, contains 21 highly variable tracks in content and packed sound. NatStar has a way of providing his unique vibes, with clever lyrics, flow, transitions, and dynamic control. The album was cooked up with Pop sensation female artist Xitanna.

First, in line, the self-album tilted track, “The Code,” commences the album. The track is a strong starter, with NatStar dishing out his feelings on being the best and never forgetting it. The confidence is absolute in this track. 

One of my favorite performance techniques by NatStar is how he switches his octaves. For example, in the song “The Code,” his vocals start on a lower octave, and then he switches to a higher octave at 2:41. This technique creates a differential in this song, and then the hook he glides back down to the lower octave. 

Next on our list of highlighted tracks on the album, The Code, is the song “BBL.” The song is sensual and a cheers to the female body and what it does to us. The song has a bounce-like feeling, and indeed, for the clubs. The beat of the track with a collab of the vocals work hand to hand. I can’t help myself from nodding my head to beat; it’s on my favorite beats on the record. 

Moving forward on my list is the song “Around The World.” NatStar speeds up his vocal flow on this single and maintains his confidence and abilities to hit the bars hard. The lyrical content elaborates the hard work he has put in. ; NatStar is a pioneer in this industry; he is an international artist and has been around the world. One of the key pieces of the song is how the beat stops, and NatStar knows how to arrange his vocal takes around it. This type of talent is majestic to me as you never know what is next, and indeed, this artist knows how to to be majestic.

The final track to highlight on the album The Code is “Paradise.” The song is a love track with featured artist Xitanna. The song is all about your partner and love in crime, traveling, and working together to win. NatStar praises love in many ways; the song feels like conditional love, and you can tell the two have history. Xitanna does an exceptional job with her feature as both artists’ voices work exceptionally well together. I feel they have been born to this together. 

The album The Code lives up to anticipation and expectations for pound to pound, sound to sound. NatStar deserves the spotlight, and the amount of content he has provided is quite uncanny, incredible as the songs on the albums flow nicely. Start from the song The Code, and take in each track in order the way it’s meant to be played. NatStar placed each track for a reason, and enjoy what he has provided. 

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