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Today we are looking back at a visual release from a Louisville’s up and coming artist name Philly Blocks. The release is almost a year old, and we are featuring it today to review the rustic and realism of the song and visual. 

“Days Of Our Lives” starts with a distressing scene as a gun is loaded and a fearless man taunts to be shot, and then a gun is fired. Philly Blocks starts off his bars with his witty lyrics. He provides us with the cold truth of the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. The modern track has an old school vibe captured well by Philly Blocks with his voice and vocal flow. 

The visuals for “Days Of Our Lives” are essential to the creative and artistic vision that Philly Blocks hits us with. 

The video gives us the mean streets of Louisville, Kentucky. With guns, drugs, tombstones, the hood, and much more. Philly Blocks provides his vision perfectly. 

Philly has been collaborating with fellow Team 563 artists Cino fresh & Real deal Lock. 

We salute the artist for his creative track and visual for “Days Of Our Lives.” We look forward to the artist and new material.

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