7Churches Is Back With New Single, Hood Cry (Featuring Canibus)

https://soundcloud.com/7churches/hood-cry-featuring-canibus-2 7Churches has dropped a brand new single titled "Hood Cry" (Featuring Canibus). We have featured 7Church previously on their track, "Losing My Mind." We are excited to have the group featured...

Guava-Moon has dropped a brand new single title “Guarana .”

https://soundcloud.com/guava-moon/guarana Guava-Moon has dropped a brand new single titled "Guarana." The single is a follow-up to the previously released track, Soul Reaver(screwed). Guava-Moon is known for his creativity in his music and provides his mind in...

ElaYoshi Delivers A Grimace Sound titled, “Say Something”

https://soundcloud.com/user-839617158/ela-yoshi-say-something-mix2 ElaYoshi has dropped a brand new single titled "Say Something." The recent drop is a signature sound by the aggressive hitter out of Brooklyn. The track is a debut single on his SoundCloud...

Young Yuck Drops New Heavy Flow Track, “Get What I Want.”

https://soundcloud.com/ucknut27/get-what-i-want Young Yuck has dropped a brand new single titled "Get What I Want." The new single by the Deerfield-based artist is a follow-up to the previous album release, "BIRCHWOOD BOYS 2: HYPERSPACE." The new drop "Get What I...

Cush Wallace Drops A Loaded Track Titled “Ammo”

https://open.spotify.com/track/2ChBkUeTMy9EVBIneNrcca?si=0dc8fa961156420d Cush Wallace has dropped a brand new single titled "Ammo." The second track from his 4-track EP titled "Drico II: The Rise of Federico down by Pico." Cush Wallace is based in Central LA and has...

Kory Kane has dropped a brand new single and visuals this month titled “Butterfly.” The newly released single is unique, and we are excited to dive into the review.

The single is unique as “Butterfly” combines multiple genres, the hook has a Golden Vibe feeling, the verses have street credit, and the realism from the guitar licks glue everything together. Very soulful and real, as I always dig the live instruments in Hip Hop.

The single commences with the hook, a brainworm that is easily singable and certainly not forgettable.


– Kory Kane

The verses bring attitude to the production as Kory Kane has a way with his flow and changes as the arrangement progresses.

The lyrical content comes from the past, present, and future of Kory Kane. Kory Kane made the massive and positive change musically as at one point in his musical career; he would go just down words with little meaning and possibly just like many rappers out there, untrue. Kory Kane now writes from the heart, conscious feelings from the heart. Which I salute the artist for.

The visuals are appealing as Kory Kane tells his story and providing realism as well metaphoric. Here is the piece on the track that Kory Kane provided:

“Butterfly is about Transformations and Monarch butterfly is the one being that goes through a full transformations process and evolves from a Crawler into a flyer – I made a Transformation from just wanting to rap and make words rhyme to actually changing the perspective of my audience by actually writing thought provoking affirmations that just so happen to rhyme and yet it makes sense and your heart string loves the vine it’s a Soulful melody with gritty conscious lyrics over a live instrumentation.”

Overall the single “butterfly” by Kory Kane doesn’t get past along often, and we are happy to review it. We are excited for 2021 and what Kory Kane has cooking up next.

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