Giles Drops An Epic Anthem Titled, “Alive”

Giles has dropped a brand new single titled, "Alive." The new single is an epic ride that transitions flawlessly as the song is full of progression and groove.  The song "Alive" commences with no waste of time or breath as Giles hits us with the...

Riiiiko Has Dropped A Raw and Relentless Titled “Get Smoked” Riiiiko has dropped a brand new single titled, "Get Smoked." The new single continues the raw and relentless sound that Riiiiko delivers.   The track "Get Smoked" commences with a hair-raising melody,...

Smoke And Chill Out With TGC Johnny Stone With New Single “DOJA” Feat. J-Rod The chill vibes with friends are some of the best times one can have. TGC Johnny Stone gives us a taste of his chill times with his friends in his new singe, DOJA. TGC Johnny Stone continues...

Take a journey with Pax Osa and Brenna Martin on the new single “Pop Semi.” Take a journey with Pax Osa and Brenna Martin on the new single "Pop Semi." The track holds injections of emotional...

Aayo Drops A New High Vibed Single, “For Real” Aayo Drops a Brand new single titled “For Real,” featuring Lil Migo. The new single has a high vibe feeling and catches the ears.  The song “For Real” commences with a piano and guitar melody that sets...

Killa Tee is back with a vengeance on her debut double single and music video titled “Kill Em!” and “Yellow Tape.” The double-track release comes with heavy trap vibes that Killa Tee is known to provide with her music.

The Toronto-based artist was partnered in the duo music group TNT Ladiies, and the group came to an abrupt end back in January 2020. The double-track release is a call-out to former partner as she rips through her bars with more attitude than ever.

The single “Kill Em!” has a face-paced verse and a slow-down hook as Killa Tee talks hard smack about her former partner. The hook has a lot of catch and easily rememberable.

The music video has a high-vibed production, with stacks of money, exotic cars, and “Killa Tee” letter lights in the background.

The single “Kill Em!” takes a blast as Killa Tee flows into the second single, titled “Yellow Tape.” What I enjoy about the change-up between the two singles is the transition. Killa Tee does an exceptional job creating a differential in her vocal flow and still has more to stay about the former group and beef that continues forward.

Killa Tee has many more sounds to come as we look forward to 2021 and await the next drop.

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