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IAMMAG has dropped a new single and visual titled “Casper.” The visual is a debut music video on his YouTube channel, and The new track has an alternative-trap sound that pairs well with the visuals.

The new single “Casper” themes on ghosting women – meaning ignoring after a sexual experience or date. The song commences with a picking classical guitar melody as each element of the music is introduced. IAMMAG wastes no time jumping into the hook, and the theme for single is a brainworm.

“I am going to ghost these hoes.”

The song flows well and has a sensational experience with the music video. IAMMAG transitions well with his vocal flow in and out of the verses. The production of the quality and performance is at a Commercial level.

The following quote is from the artist:

“The single is called Casper the song is a true story about a shawty who was doin to much and I had to ghost her we really spent the night in a hotel and she got too comfortable I was thinking it just a fling cuz we had only met 24 hours prior but i guess every1 looks at things differently….the hotel everything is real they say talk about what you know and I can be reckless at times”

We look forward to the next release from IAMMAG .


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