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Ryan Dasan has dropped a brand new single titled “I NEEDA SHRINK.” The new single is a follow-up to his previous released freestyle, “Ryan Dasan Freestyle.”

The new single, “I NEED A SHRINK,” has a dark vibe, containing clever wordplay, and is well arranged. The heavy single has somewhat of an elusive sound, combing a street vibe with trap and aggressive vocals. I salute the artist for having exceptional dynamic control with his vocals, as Ryan Dasan has the ability to have put a rasp into the vocal takes and then also have a clean sound to create a differential in the track. 

The beat produced by Pendo46 also carries the vibes of darkness, being in a minor key containing piano, strings, an 808, and a kit that pushes the beat. Overall the pairing of Ryan Dasan vocals, Dan Babai as the producer, and the audio engineer, Dan Babai, gives us a final product that works and sounds pronominal. 

I feel if you are in a pissed-off mood and want to get some anger out, the single “I NEEDA SHRINK” is excellent to yell along with. 

A piece about the single:

“Taking inspiration from his past, Ryan expresses the struggle to maintain a good balance in life – something we all go through at one point. “In life, we have a yin and yang, and I just want people to know that it is ok to express yourself to keep your sanity.” Using his life experiences as a way to push him to be the best person he can be, Ryan wants this song to serve as a message to listeners – that as hard as life can be, you can turn things around. “No matter how hard life hits you and knows you down, get back up.”

We will be keeping an eye out on future releases by the Boston-based artist. 


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