Travis Scott Doesn’t Consider His Music To Be “Hip Hop” Travis Scott explains in an interview with  Harper’s Bazaar magazine why he feels his music cannot be boxed into a single genre. Scott doesn’t want to strictly be known as a Hip Hop artist. “I would just describe it as different pieces of...

MCskill ThaPreacha & Teck Zilla – “Nucleus, Vol. 1”

The Kid Drops “come through” (ft. Breana Marin) The Kid has dropped a track last month titled Come Through. The track titled "come through" also features artist Breana Marin. The track "come through" has a smooth R&B vibe. The Kid does an exceptional job on the...

The Xtraordinary Gentlemen Drops Pioneer Party Track Of 2019 Titled “Yes, Yessity Yes!”

Yes, Yessity Yes! by The Xtraordinary Gentlemen The Xtraordinary Gentlemen has dropped a brand new track titled "Yes, Yessity Yes!" The UK group dropped the single on November 9, 2019, as a follow up to "Cooler Than an 8-Ball in the Corner Pocket." The gang has...

Datta Boy, out of LA, California, releases new anthem “Keep Drinking”. Produced by Epik The Dawn, the beat has a rising and epic feel with background high pitch vocals repeating: “Keep Drinking” (in the hook). The piano piece is smooth like the performer is in a smokey dive bar, performing for free.

Datta Boy, recently retired from football, had a busy 2017 releasing a ten-track mixtape titled “Black Ink” and three music videos. He has a very distinct voice and his sound has many facets of layers which appeals well in the music industry.

The release of “Keep Drinking” displays yet another side of his talent. The lyrics seem to be about a man blaming everything, everyone, and he can be known as a blameshifter. The lyrics cut in and out of the hook repeating “Keep Drinking”. A man for the taste of booze.

Datta Boy will be releasing his new project titled: “The Duke Ellington Project” on February 21st, 2018. Productions from Chad G, Epik The Dawn, DG Beats and Ronny Bueller. As well as Features by Ally B, Ronny Bueller, Devin Horace, Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D. and ML.

2018 is scheduled to be a busy year with performance at the TAP2018 in April, 2018. The rare aspect in this industry today is lyricism. We should all thank Datta Boy for keeping great lyrics alive.

I ain’t got no quarters I ain’t come to play just get up out my way cause I am here to stay And that’s until I die and when is that day that’s the day I pay. – Datta Boy

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