na$kar Drops Heavy Cloud-Like Single, Calling Out the Haters, Titled “u.a.g.**” na$kar has dropped a new single titled "u.a.g.**." The new single has a unique sound...

Malachi Grant Drops New Motivational Song, “Up” Malachi Grant has dropped a brand new single titled "Up" and is a follow-up to the previously released single, "Ridin For" (Fresh Mix). The new single is a high vibed and well-produced track that is easily placed on...

BLAKE MELVIN Drops Entertaining and Talented Single, “DROP TOP” Blake Melvin has dropped a brand new single titled "Drop Top." The new single is a follow-up to the previously released track, "CYTHINA." The new single "Drop Top" has a heavy and fluid vibe that...

Benzo Has A Request In New Single, “Just Stop” Benzo has dropped a brand new single titled "Just Stop." The new single is a follow-up to his debut...

Ducati James Questions Blacc Zacc’s Sexual Preference In New Single & Visuals, “Blacc Zacc Is A Faggot (Hopefully).” Chakhead Clique Mu$ic Group with artist Ducati James have dropped a brand new single with a music video titled, "Blacc Zacc Is A Faggot (Hopefully)." The recent drop by the South Carolina rapper shares his thoughts on fellow...

Ab-Salam Drops a New Single and visual titled “D.R.E.A.M. (Data Rap).” The single has a dream-like feeling as Ab-Salam injects his lyrics with life lessons in the field of technology, data, and finance.

The single “D.R.E.A.M. (Data Rap)” commences with a filtered synth and snare hits. Ab-Salam raps about data and how it rules the world, which is very true.

He also does this in the visuals, featuring himself as a corporate strategist at an office job. In the beginning, he looks bored doing his job, relying on energy drinks to stay awake. Such an experience shows what society at the workplace was about before COVID-19 shut down working from the office.

The story continues in the visuals as Ab-Salam falls asleep and dreams about a talking cell phone from the 90s. The rapper is abruptly woken up by his manager as he heads to the conference room to present the work he was supposed to be doing.

The meeting doesn’t seem to go well with the rapper’s manager shaking his head in disapproval, while writing on a piece of paper: “Needs better Data.”

The story continues where something odd happens to the rapper. As he troubleshoots an odd 80s antenna device. While surfing the internet, he comes across a CNBC segment featuring Thinknum Alternative Data talking about GameStop’s rise in stock. A QR Code presents itself offering free data, andthe rapper takes up the offer. Doing so appears to increase his data performance, presentation skills, and he becomes quite the supernatural force in the workplace.

At this point, the rapper excels at his work and impresses his colleagues while wearing sunglasses, and working out. The story ends this way as the theme of the track is Data Rules Everything.

Make sure you check out this hip hop spin on using data in corporate life!

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