Refreshing off his two Grammy nominations today for his debut album Freudian, fast-rising 22-year-old singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar decides to come through tonite and share the official video for its name track.

Described by Keaven Yazdani and Sean Brown, the video opens with a split screen with the left aspect displaying Daniel in what appears to be agony, with dim lighting and on the verge of self-destruction. Meanwhile, the right side is the opposing and finds Daniel searching content surrounded by a beautiful woman.

“It’s an introspective look into why Daniel is the way he is, and the relationships in his life that are responsible for such,” director Keavan Yazdani said. “The second half of the video was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Danny instructing the drill line as the sergeant is him finally taking control of all the relationships he’s experienced. Leading, as opposed to being lead.”