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Comatose Red Ivy Has dropped a new single titled “Star Bright (Night Life Freestyle).” The single has become quite popular with Comatose’s fanbase

The single “Star Bright (Night Life Freestyle).” commences with a piano melody as Comatose provides adlibs. The beat contains a high octave lead on piano, an electric guitar, violin, and a drum kit.

The lyrics are dark as Comatose Red Ivy wants to live with the sky. The single feels like it is themed on depression as Comatose Red Ivy provides the want of being a star.

The single, “Star Bright (Night Life Freestyle),” is part of a 3-part series, this version, a live version, and a final segment.

The following is what Comatose Red Ivy provided on the track, “Star Bright (Night Life Freestyle):

“Always wanted to be a Star in the sky, now that the reality of being famous is setting in as I deny and push it away I think about how I could be a shooting star if I put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger. (Double entendre, lol). There is this track, a live version with added story and Star Shooter (Closure Freestyle) is the final segment of the 3 part series.”

Comatose Red Ivy, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is known for the freestyles and has plenty of songs that can be found on the artist’s library.

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