This weekend, Casanova debuted the new clip accompanying the previously-released “Set Trippin” track where the Flatbush emcee rips, “Punch you in your face, motherf*cker, I knick your teeth out / Each and every time I come through, n*gga, I got my heat out / If you want smoke, ain’t nothing we gotta speak ’bout / See you with that red flag on, what that be ’bout? “

Speculation is centered around this track being in response to 6ix9ine’s interesting visual concepts for tracks such as his “Kooda” and “GUMMO” where he brings together pictures and representations of the rival Blood and Crip gangs, to some dismay.

It’s likely that, though, that this is a “beef” that was dead before it ever started. Sound off together with your thoughts on the track below.