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B.LK. Brilliance has dropped a brand new album titled POETIC JustUS 333. The new album consists of an intro, six songs, two acapella, and is heavily conceived on the social and political issues the United States faces. The album genres off of Golden Vibe Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B.

The album POETIC JustUS 333  commences with a heavily recorded interview. The narrator provides his belief on how he can kill African American’s by giving them alcohol and drugs. 

“We don’t have to kill blacks anymore; we just drop off some liquor in their town and some guns. and they do it themselves.” 

A disgusting belief, and yet there are actually people out there that sure this belief.

The song “Somehow” starts, featuring Deontary Wilder. The song has a strong intro and has a high octave synth lead—the song lyrical themes on being strong and how it was like growing up. The song gets into what it was like dealing with living in poverty, racism, gang activity, drugs, mental health issues, etc. The song “Somehow” builds exceptionally well, how the instruments are introduced and dropped along with the lyrical content and bars. 

B.LK. Brilliance

The album POETIC JustUS 333 continues with the song “Prayers Of A Jungle Dweller.” The song has a lot of confidence from B.LK. Brilliance and the lyrics talk about healing and waking up every day with the perspective of making it through another day. The song has heavy vibes yet a lot of pride. 

Another song on the album that caught my ear is the upbeat and confident grooving tilted, “Just Us 333.” The song is a ball of major vibes that keep rolling and getting bigger, taking the negative that some hold and ushing towards change and for the better. I salute B.LK. Brilliance for this perspective. 

The album POETIC JustUS 333 by B.LK. Brilliance continues with the track, “The Chains Within,” featuring Daniel T. The R&B and slower tempo song create a differential in the album. The instrumental shines with a melodic piano and the metaphor of breaking these chains within, and dealing with the past and the present of racism. Also, the mental and emotional chains that the human experience comes with.

The final song on the album POETIC JustUS 333, “Soulful Soleil,” featuring Mariah Soleil, contains no drums, a request from B.LK. Brilliance. The song talks about trauma and healing the family structure with the love for a woman missing in modern hip hop. This song is not about trending; it’s about impact. The album songs bring in the feature, Mariah Soleil, a young girl, providing her thanks to so much in life. 

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Overall the album,  POETIC JustUS 333 by B.LK. Brilliance is an essential piece of music—the flow, the wordplay, the theme, the ups and downs. Start the album with the intro and listen from start to finish to get the power of the content.



POETIC JustUS 333 Album artwork

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