Oxon Hill, Maryland – A.P FRE$$H follows up with a new single and visual for his much-anticipated track Kareem.”

“Kareem” is a follow-up release from music imprint Mogul; 1203 Music Group of June Dakid’s album release “Live, My Seven Day Theory.” The video production of “Kareem” captures the street life of guns, gangs, partying, gambling, and woman. Act tough and be tough to survive.

The track has an overall smooth feeling with a well-written hook as the melody and lyrics come alive. What works well with the hook is A.P FRE$$H drops his vocal pitch an octave from the verse, as well as doubles the vocals to create a stereo feeling. This adds a change of emphasis.

There has been no confirmed future release for A.P FRE$$H. However, we do anticipate more releases and visuals coming up in 2018.